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Mark Garfinkel | General Manager | Treger Brands Retail

"Retail Pro is fully customisable, and has been flexible in meeting our unique business requirements. From the custom reports to various integrations, Retail Pro has also given us crucial insights into our business to help drive our future strategies. The support from PricePoint IT has been exceptionally helpful, timely and responsive."

Pepsi Pokane | Owner | Infinite Glamour 

"Technology is no longer the great differentiator it was a few years ago. Responsive customer service, agility and actionable data are why Retail Pro, supported by the PricePoint IT team, works for us." 

Azhar Kumandan Pokane | IT Director | Wear SA

"Retail Pro is by far the best Point of Sale system I have worked with. It is reliable, user friendly and simplistic yet still offers the reporting and intelligence needed to run your business effectively. This system is further complimented by the PricePoint IT team who are always available and willing to assist, Day or Night."

Get more from your Point of Sale investment, any time, any day, every day.
Getting a 360° view of your customers and accurate stock performance reporting from your Point of Sale is crucial to running your business efficiently & profitably
As simple as you want, as sophisticated as you need.
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"With 99% of retail shopping still happening in physical stores, retail stores are not on their way out, they just need to adapt to remain relevant. POINT OF SALE is arguably the most critical focus needed by retailers. This will keep them in the game. Retail is not dying, it's simply reinventing itself"

Jason Gewer
CEO & Founder PricePoint IT
Complete Retail Management Software Designed for Specialty Retail
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Retail Pro is trusted by 159 000+ users... here are a few of our most recent clients
Get more from your Point of Sale investment, any time, any day, every day.
Where it all started...
In 2001, as retailers ourselves, we started our own retail systems and software business out of the frustration of not being able to find (and we looked hard) systems or software that would run the way we wanted them to run, report the way we wanted them to report, and just work the way we wanted them to work. Fast forward 17 years, and today we distribute a carefully considered selection of retail systems and software that are scalable, built with an open architecture and are locally relevant to hundreds of clients across South Africa and Africa. 
It’s our job to give you a solution that works exactly as you need it to.

"I honestly can’t tell you how many customisations we have had over the years. We are currently working on a large one right now. It says something about Retail Pro that it worked for us at 1 store, and is still working for us at 250."
Scott Smith | CEO | Oakley
As simple as you want, as sophisticated as you need.
Convenient, affordable, Point of Sale. We know how difficult it is to setup and manage a business, let alone have enough time in the day to think strategically and actively drive growth. Our systems are developed by business owners who know what it’s like to be in the trenches.
"Retail is expected to change more in the next five years than it has in the past fifty. We’re already seeing new technologies that are realising things that just a few years ago would never have seemed possible."

Elize van Heerden
Director & Founder PricePoint IT
Tel: (+27) 11 784 4348
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